7 smoothie recipes to burn fat and lose weight

To face the day with energy, nothing like a smoothie made from tasty fruits or vegetables. Did you know that this drink can allow you to easily eliminate fat? And for good reason, this nutritious drink promotes the feeling of satiety sought by those who watch their figure. Say goodbye to cravings and regain an hourglass figure. And for good reason, these seven recipes contain dietary ingredients with amazing mechanisms. Find out how this ritual can get rid of your extra pounds.

Exit sodas and sugary drinks at will, enjoy the dietetic treasures of nature. These seven smoothie recipes will help you burn fat deep down. By combining these drinks with a balanced diet and sustained physical activity, you will observe amazing results, in fact you can lose up to 7 kilos. Spotlight on the ingredients of these slimming beverages. To your blenders!

Smoothie Recipes No. 1

To prepare this slimming drink, just mix a slice of pineapple, a bunch of parsley, a piece of aloe vera, a whole lemon, and half a grapefruit. Thanks to the action of grapefruit, the metabolism is stimulated, facilitating weight loss. According to this study, pink citrus can significantly reduce body mass index. The lemon is also a dietary food with the inhibitory action of vitamin C on cortisol, a hormone responsible for storing fat.

Smoothie Recipes No. 2

To make this fat-burning smoothie, just mix 3 carrots, alfalfa sprigs, a lettuce leaf, a pineapple slice, a tablespoon of wheat germ and a teaspoon of honey. The laxative action of this drink will allow you to eliminate toxins more easily. The high fiber content of pineapple will allow you to easily activate the feeling of satiety, essential to counter daily cravings. According to the results of this in-vivo experiment , pineapple fights hand-in-hand against fat synthesis, a consequence of weight gain.

Smoothie Recipes No. 3

This drink is ideal for deeply shaping your figure. To make it, you will need to mix a liter of vegetable milk, an egg , two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Drink this beverage three times a day. As Dr Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache explains , It is recommended to consume fat for breakfast in order to produce lipase, an enzyme that converts fat into energy. According to this study , eating eggs for breakfast can promote lasting weight loss.

Smoothie Recipes No. 4

To make this tasty smoothie, all you need to do is mix half a cucumber, a pineapple slice, a pumpkin slice and a glass of orange juice. According to Dr. Jonny Bowden, specialist in clinical nutrition, the pumpkin would be a great ally thanks to its dietary fiber content which reduces appetite and at the same time regulates blood sugar levels. A convincing argument for consuming this beverage at breakfast time.

Smoothie Recipes No. 5

To make this diet drink, mix half a glass of grapefruit juice, a quarter of a glass of celery and parsley juice, a quarter of a glass of pineapple juice and two tablespoons of wheat bran. Thanks to the diuretic properties of parsley and celery, you will eliminate toxins from your body in depth. According to this study , parsley may act as a natural remedy for obesity.

Smoothie Recipes No. 6

To make this smoothie, you will need a cucumber and a bunch of watercress. Essentially composed of water and low in calories, cucumber is a food to favor if you want to lose weight. According to this study , cucumber juice can significantly reduce the body mass index (BMI). A cool drink ideal for breakfast.

Smoothie Recipes No. 7

To prepare this slimming drink, you will need to mix a teaspoon of ground ginger, two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and three tablespoons of powdered oats. Add 120 ml of water brought to the boil. The action thermogenic ginger facilitate fat burning while polysaccharides of aloe vera gel will control the sugars and fats in the body, as explained Anne Dufour, author of the book Superfoods health our colleagues of Madame Figaro.

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