food that Makes You Thin
food that Makes You Thin

Best 33 Foods that Makes You Thin

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Eat deliciously and still lose weight? From A for Sauerkraut to Z for Lemons, we have put together 33 very special food that Makes You Thin – to fill you up, boost your metabolism, burn fat, and avoid snacking.


It is one of the oldest vegetables in the world and, with lactic acid bacteria and fiber, not only makes the intestines happy. There is also a lot of vitamin C in it: Among other things, it tightens the connective tissue.


One study showed that mice that ate a lot of fat and drank grapefruit juice gained 18 percent less weight than the mice that drank water. The bitter substances direct fat to where it can be burned better – and not on the stomach and hips.


Most people know flaxseed to stimulate digestion. The linoleic acid contained also makes the body fat vapor and goes to the memory.


Tears of joy come to you: Onions (as well as garlic and spring onions) contain the sulfur compound allicin: It dehydrates, stimulates digestion and fat burning.

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