food that Makes You Thin
food that Makes You Thin

Best 33 Foods that Makes You Thin

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The new superfood is made from the Brazilian cassava root, is gluten-free, and low in calories. The starch product can be bought as flour or small balls and used to make sweet crêpes or pudding as well as hearty wraps – without a guilty conscience and with a high filling effect.


Not only is there much more healthy fat and filling protein in it than in many types of meat: your thyroid is also happy about the iodine it contains. Because if it doesn’t work properly, you gain weight.


They are wrongly decried as fattening foods: of all the side dishes, potatoes are the longest to fill you up because of the long-chain carbohydrates. It is best to choose waxy varieties and eat them as a salad: when they cool down, starch forms, which the body can hardly break down. The feeling of satiety lasts longer and the low glycemic index prevents the blood sugar level from rising as much.


Hardly any fat and calories, but a lot of protein and fiber: Lentils should be on the menu much more often. They taste great as a salad, soup or side dish.


A handful acts like a natural appetite suppressant. If you snack on them, you will be full first and will eat fewer calories with the next main meal. Due to its firm structure, the body cannot absorb all the calories from the stone fruit. Chew well anyway!


Often a small piece is enough: the fruit contains pectin, a water-soluble fiber that keeps the blood sugar level constant and keeps you full for a long time. And those who eat them regularly can lower their cholesterol levels.


When the desire for sweets arises, the freshness kick drives it away. At home you can brush your teeth or drink peppermint tea, a (sugar-free) chewing gum helps on the go.


Not only at Christmas time: If you have a ravenous attack, an insulin-like substance in the rind of the spice lowers your blood sugar level. For this just half a teaspoon z. B. in a yogurt.


Tomatoes also have a good influence on our sugar level: the chromium they contain makes it rise more slowly. A great snack in combination with protein-rich mozzarella.


You should include peas, beans, etc. in your main meal: In addition to high-quality vegetable proteins, they contain a lot of fiber. That fills you up for a long time, and because the latter are digested slowly, there is no risk of whining.


Not for nothing the favorite drink of Germans: it wakes you up, caffeine increases the heat production and blood pressure in the body, the organs are better supplied with blood. Studies have shown that it also boosts fat burning. So it’s best to enjoy an espresso or strong coffee after your meal.

Sweet potatoes

They have fewer calories than normal potatoes, contain many vitamins and the messenger substance adiponectin, which gets the metabolism going.

Low-fat curd

Athletes swear by it: an impressive 12 grams of protein provide 100 grams of quark – the best material for building muscle. It is best to eat before bed: This is how it promotes a growth hormone that cleanses cells overnight, forms new ones, and tightens the tissue.

Turkey breast

It is one of the meats with the lowest fat and calories and provides twice as much protein as low-fat quark. So great for building muscles, which are known to burn energy even when we are not doing anything.


The heat literally heats up the body. This so-called thermogenesis is caused by the agitator capsaicin, our body reacts to it with increased blood flow and sweating in order to cool down, and in doing so it consumes a lot of calories.


Best to drink with ice: the organism has to really work hard to warm it up to body temperature.


The green vegetables not only provide a lot of iron but also manganese. This trace element ensures that the thyroid gland and metabolism function well. Spinach also contains B vitamins for a smooth carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

coconut oil

The medium-chain fatty acids can be converted into energy very quickly in the body. That increases our efficiency.


The record-breaking amount of vitamin C produces hormones that pull fat from stores for energy. Cool lemon water in the morning is also great for your digestion.

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