Bright Weight Loss on the Brazilian Diet

Next, take a closer look at the diet invented in Brazil for actresses. It is quite rigid, but effective – in a week you will be able to lose up to 5 kg. So, if you decide to follow such a diet, be prepared to eat vegetables and fruits, excluding from the diet sweet, fatty, and fried.


Brazilian diet for 7 days

You should eat three meals a day every 5 hours. Next, you can see the approximate menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: Any fermented milk product (yogurt, kefir, rye, and fruit to choose from).
  • Brunch: One fruit (apple, banana, pear).
  • Lunch: Baked dietary meat or fish, vegetables (fresh or stewed).
  • Noon: Any fresh vegetable salad, a little cheese.
  • For dinner: A glass of plain kefir.

Within seven days you need to duplicate this menu, only you can replace some products from the permitted list with others, for example, on Monday for breakfast to choose kefir, and on Tuesday – rye.

14 Days Brazilian diet

If desired, the diet can be extended to 2 weeks, following the food regime and recommendations:

  1. Day 1. Classic diet breakfast – one of the dairy products, light lunch – fish for steam, dinner – boiled/fried egg, black coffee without anything, green apple.
  2. Day 2. Repeat the menu from the previous one (one to one).
  3. Day 3. For breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, lunch – boiled spinach (200 g) and 100 grams of veal (also boiled), for dinner – boiled egg with spinach.
  4. Day 4. Breakfast – boiled hard-boiled egg, a cup of black coffee. Lunch – tomato, 0.1 kg of boiled (allowed and sea) fish. Last meal – duplicate menu from breakfast of the 3rd day.
  5. Day 5. We repeat the meals that were yesterday- for dinner allowed to add 0.1 kg of fish cooked in a multi-cooker or in a dry frying pan and a salad of tomato and fresh cucumber of medium size.
  6. Day 6. Repeat breakfast of the 4th day of the diet, for lunch – boiled or steamed veal (100 grams) and fresh cucumber, for dinner – coffee, again veal, but empty, that is, without cucumber.
  7. Day 7. Breakfast – duplicate the past. For lunch, cut one cucumber and tomato with chicken breast, season with vinegar. Dinner: the same as lunch, supplemented with a cup of coffee and an apple instead of dessert.


Brazilian diet’s combined menu


If you want to lose maximum weight, you will need to eat so on 4 approaches, repeating them one after another.


It’s a day under the sign of all fish:

  • Breakfast: Orange fresh; banana and toasted bread (fried in a dry frying pan).
  • Brunch: Any citrus juice (freshly squeezed).
  • Lunch: Vegetable salad without dressing, do not add starchy vegetables, you can 100 grams of dietary sea fish.
  • Snack: Fish baked without added oil (100 g), cabbage salad.
  • For dinner: Orange juice (or grapefruit, freshly squeezed 200 ml); cookies, breadcrumbs or a small piece of rye or chopped bread.


It’s meat day:

  • Breakfast: Boiled chicken egg (you can 2 quail) and a glass of apple juice (fresh).
  • Snack: Cronks and mashed apples (no added sugar).
  • Lunch: 100 grams of boiled meat (best to take low-fat veal), 2 boiled potatoes, and lettuce.
  • Snack: Make a salad of boiled chicken egg, canned peas, any kind of low-fat meat (dressing – olive oil).
  • Dinner: Bread with a glass of apple juice.


It’s a day under the sign of milk:

  • Breakfast: Biscuits, toast, and a glass of regular milk.
  • Snack:100-120 g of low-fat cottage cheese, in which you can add greens.
  • Lunch: Boiled rice (100 grams, good to choose brown or unpeeled); cabbage leaf salad.
  • Snack: Dietary meat (100 grams) and green apple (usual size).
  • Dinner: Freshly squeezed apple fresh and cracker.


Pineapple Lover’s Day!

  • Breakfast: Fresh pineapple pulp (100 g) and freshly squeezed pineapple juice.
  • Snack: Orange (you can grapefruit or a glass of citrus juice) – toast.
  • Lunch: Boiled meat (or steamed, 100 g), a couple of pieces of fresh pineapple, and a slice of hard cheese (choose a minimum percentage of fat).
  • Snack: Boiled potatoes with carrot salad and olive oil.
  • For dinner: One glass of pineapple fresh (no added sugar).


Eat mangoes:

  • Breakfast: Bread, breadcrumb, or biscuit and a glass of mango juice.
  • Snack: Fruit salad (apple and orange, you can whole, you can use halves if the fruit is large).
  • Lunch: 100 g fish without added oil and carrot salad (preferably boiled, if you do not like in this form, then eat in cheese).
  • Snack: A plate of vegetable soup and a slice of rye bread.
  • Dinner: A glass of mango juice; if you feel very hungry, you can add a small loaf.


A day with a mixed menu:

  • Breakfast: Apple fresh and toast in a dry frying pan.
  • Snack: Boiled beet salad with a small amount of vegetable or olive oil.
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup (can be cooked with vegetable oil) with a piece of black bread.
  • Snack: Vegetable stew (plate).
  • Dinner: A glass of apple juice and one loaf of bread.


Grape Day:

  • Breakfast: One bunch of grapes and a medium-sized banana.
  • Snack: a mug of grape fresh and bread (no more than two).
  • Lunch: Low-fat meat (100 g, steamed or in the oven), a plate of cabbage leaf salad.
  • Snack: Dietary mushroom or fish soup, a couple of pieces of any fruit (optional).
  • Dinner: I change grapes and a full cup of the same juice.

The Brazilian diet is not suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in the presence of any diseases related to the work of internal organs. Be sure to consult your doctor before you can use this effective diet!

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