Diet 1200 calories: to lose weight in a healthy way

Dukan diet, Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet: in short, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to following slimming diets with which to lose weight and get rid of excess fat. One of these, certainly less extreme but certainly effective, is better known as the 1200 calorie diet. Later we will see in more depth what it consists of, how many pounds you can lose and how long the loss takes place, the foods planned and granted and an example of the menu to have a clearer idea of what your diet can be once you have embarked on this path. However, it is essential not to approach this type of diet with a “Do It Yourself” system to prevent a rapid weight loss corresponds to an equally rapid recovery.

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Diet 1200 calories: how does it work?

This slimming diet consists of a diet according to which, every day, a maximum of 1200 calories are expected to be consumed. So, this is a low-calorie diet, that is, low-calorie. It is evident that the diet of 1200 calories is not suitable for every single person because the constitution, the height, the style of life, and the clinical condition of each of us requires a system of nutritional completely customized, so you need to discuss with your doctor before embarking on this type of path slimming. In general, thanks to this diet, you can lose weight in a relatively short time, without too much sacrifice, and continuing to eat always different and appetizing foods from week to week.

In general, it is good to keep in mind that a diet, to help us lose weight, must be properly balanced in the quantities of food ingested. The body needs the energy to function normally and keep itself alive. It is possible to obtain this energy from the nutrients of the foods we eat, namely carbohydrates, fats, proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals, which must be taken in a balanced way so as not to harm the physique.

Diet for weight loss: how many calories per day?

The first rule for losing weight is to reduce the number of calories on the menu. To have a clearer idea of what you can eat and in what quantity, we suggest a general scheme to keep in mind at every meal, the average composition of the daily diet of 1200 calories is composed of the g protein-74 = 24 % of total calories from carbohydrates g 145 = 44 % of total calories and fats, g 42= 32% of total calories.

A 1200-calorie diet can be divided as follows: breakfast is 200 calories, lunch is 300 calories, while dinner is 700 calories. Different possibilities are provided for the individual meal, but, contrary to other questionable eating patterns, no food exception is proposed.

Diet 1200 calories: how much do you lose?

Diet 1200 calories
Diet 1200 calories

Before starting a slimming path, it is worth bearing in mind that there are no miracle diets and that excessive weight loss in too narrow a time-space can bring more harm than benefit to our body. In general, if followed pedisequally, with the diet of 1200 calories you can lose about 5 kilograms per month. Initially, thanks to low-calorie nutrition, weight loss will be immediate, but later it will be necessary to replace the slimming regime with a maintenance diet.

Diet 1200 calories: what to eat for weight loss?
In general, the rules behind a healthy and balanced diet are as follows: vary and do not always eat the same foods, avoid Do-It-Yourself but rely on the advice of experienced doctors, try to replace meat with fish and legumes, and limit the intake of saturated fats, sugars, and excessively caloric food.

As for the diet of 1200 calories, the recommended foods are as follows:

  • As for breakfast, prefer to skim or part-skim milk and whole-grain rusks. Coffee is allowed but only and exclusively bitter.
  • For snacks (one snack in the middle of the morning and the other in the middle of the afternoon), avoid sweets or bars and opt for fruits such as Persimmon, coconut, grapes, or, alternatively, strictly skimmed yogurt but also a handful of dried fruit (about 10 grams)
  • Vegetables can be eaten in great freedom, especially tomatoes, fennel, and spinach, but beware of cooking methods: eat fresh or steamed.
  • For fruit, it is very useful to have calories in the gross. For example, the banana in the gross brings 43 kcal per 100 grams (66 net); just weigh the banana with the peel and you get the calories of the banana peeled and ready to be eaten by multiplying the gross weight (in hectares) by 43.
  • During the main meals, replace the pasta with a portion of 80 grams of brown rice, get the protein from fish and legumes instead of meat (especially if pork), do not give up bread but choose the durum wheat.
  • As for the seasonings, we recommend that you do not exceed 10 grams of extra virgin olive oil per meal and, rather, flavor your dishes with lemon, spices, and aromas at will

In the recipes provided for by this diet, drinks are not counted, often responsible for the failures of dietary diets. Those who are used to drinking wine, beer, Coca Cola and juices during meals, can take from 300 to 1000 kcal per day without knowing it. Water is the only drink recommended. Are allowed: coffee and tea without sugar or with Sweetener (also to abolish Candy), where the calorie intake is practically zero.


  • Partially skimmed milk with barley (140 grams) [alternatively: a jar of partially skimmed yogurt (125 grams) and 50 ml of coffee or 50 ml of barley]
  • A teaspoon of sugar ( 5 grams)
  • Two whole-grain rusks (30 grams) [alternatively: dry biscuits, whole-grain bread, crackers, biscuits or crackers (30 grams)]


  • A medium dish of spaghetti and olives (70 grams) [alternatively: dumplings (100 grams), rice (70 grams), ravioli (80 grams)]
  • An average dish of grilled peppers (150 grams) [alternatively: raw vegetables with oil (90 grams), vegetables cooked with oil (150 grams), dried legumes with oil (30 grams), mixed vegetables in a pan (140 grams)]
  • One teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (5 grams) [alternatively: soybean, corn or grape seed oil (5 grams)]
  • A medium cup of strawberries (160 grams) [alternatively: fresh seasonal fruit (140 grams)]
  • Mineral water


  • A small slice of grilled steak (120 grams) [alternatively: veal, beef, chicken or turkey grilled (120 grams); trout, sea bream, sole, cod, plaice, hake, or swordfish (160 grams); eggs (100 grams); bresaola, prosciutto raw or cooked lean (80 grams); rabbit, or venison (120 grams); mozzarella, crescenza cheese, fior di latte, quartirolo, or ricotta cheese (40 grams); cheese light (70 grams) ]
  • An average portion of grated carrots (130 grams) [alternatively: raw vegetables (130 grams) or cooked (160 grams)]
  • One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (5 grams) [alternatively: seed, corn or grapeseed oil (5 grams)]
  • Wheat bread for example, a rosette (60 grams) (alternatively: three slices of bread (50 grams) or a packet of crackers (40 grams) or three packets of breadsticks (40 grams))
  • Apples (160 grams) [alternatively: fresh seasonal fruit (160 grams)]
  • Mineral water

Diet 1200 calories: some final recommendations

You must follow the diet only for the period necessary for the desired weight loss, in addition, you must associate it with a certain physical activity. If the diet is maintained above 20-30 days, a check of some laboratory tests is indispensable. When you have achieved the desired weight loss, it is absolutely necessary to introduce in the diet other foods, so that it is richer to avoid the occurrence of deficiencies and this is where the aforementioned maintenance diet comes into play.

In addition, we repeat once again a more than fundamental concept: if you want to embark on the 1200 calorie diet, or any other diet, consult your doctor before starting!

How to lose weight easily: some secrets

If you still do not know, there are some tricks to speed up the metabolism and, accordingly, speed up our Slimming process. Let’s see them here in detail:

  • Increase proteins and limit carbohydrates in your menu of the week: in this way, you will be satiated and not bloated.
  • You can understand in what amount to eat certain foods with the help of your hand alone: the proteins in the dish will have to be equal to the size of the palm, while the carbohydrates will all be inside a clenched fist.
  • Sleep well is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and is a fundamental ingredient in a diet: so, every day, make sure you sleep from 7 to 9 hours.
  • Avoid tension and stress, especially when you are at the table. Eat calmly and enjoy every single bite.
  • During the meal, focus only and exclusively on your plate and do not distract yourself with phone or television, otherwise you will not give the right importance to the nutritional Act and, once the dish is finished, you will seem to still be hungry.
  • Chewing is a fundamental phase of nutrition: guarantee each bite an average of about 20/30 chewing. By doing so, you will not have an annoying accumulation of air in your stomach and will reach a level of satisfying satiety without binge eating.

Diet and physical activity: a perfect combination

As much as a low-calorie diet and healthy eating are necessary to lose weight, they alone are not enough. To achieve even more obvious and rapid results, it is essential to combine them with regular physical activity. Doing sports, in fact, allows us to burn fat faster, feel fit and increase our self-esteem, making us more motivated to maintain this healthy and balanced lifestyle. Running, exercise bike, fast walking, or spinning, choose the activity that suits you best: your metabolism will be greatly accelerated and burning calories will no longer be an impossible feat.

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