Diet Juices, 100% Depurative and Antioxidant

The diet of the famous: diet juices

In recent months the trend of consuming raw fruit and vegetable juices to improve health and lose weight has spread. This trend has spread across the globe and bases its approach on two basic principles of nutrition.

On the one hand, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is necessary for our body; since they provide us with vitamins, minerals and fiber in large quantities.

And on the other hand, the fact of consuming them raw makes us assimilate all the nutrients that these fruits and vegetables have, since when cooked the food loses a lot of vitamins and minerals, and also provide, generally more calories. New food trends such as raw food and crudiveganos have driven this global boom that is spreading like wildfire.

The benefits of the juice diet

The benefits of this diet are multiple since, depending on the fruits and vegetables we consume, the effects are very different but we can generalize by saying that the increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables recharges our body with vitamins, minerals and fiber which affects us in different aspects in our body such as hair health,when we nourish ourselves with vitamins and minerals the hair looks stronger, brighter and with more body.

In addition, the skin is one of the most visible signs of the lack of vitamins and minerals, so with the diet of juices; we will provide you with the hydration you need as well as the nutrients you need to look smoother and with greater luminosity.

In addition, raw fruits and vegetables provide us with energy without providing calories in large quantities and also help us to satisfy ourselves easily. They improve intestinal and digestive transit since digestions are faster and lighter. They cleanse the body, since they facilitate the elimination of toxins.

They fight constipation because of its high fiber content, and also fight against fluid retention that as you know, the more we drink, the less retention we will have. If we keep the body hydrated, it will have a better ability to perform its functions, and consequently, we will feel better.

The secret juices of the famous

Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dita Von Teese, Miranda Kerr and many other Hollywood celebrities share photos on their social networks with their magical green juices. They always have them in their hands, but what do those juices have? what do they use them for? Below we offer you all that information so that you do not miss a single detail.

Some of these celebrities have used these juices as a shock plan to lose weight after pregnancy, others to cope with the day to day of a star, for which they need a lot of energy and few calories.

This dietary plan composed of detoxifying juices,energizing and loaded with antioxidants,which are able to make us lose weight quickly and also provides luminosity to the skin, recharges us with energy and makes us feel good since it improves our digestive activity, it also purifies the body, since it helps us to eliminate toxins.

Recipes of the juice diet

Below we offer you the most popular recipes of the juice diet with which you can improve your state of health, recharging daily energy, low in calories and ideal to lose those kilos that bother you so much.

We have put at your disposal the 5 best juices to lose weight and recharge your energy so that you can try them and encourage yourself with this new trend suitable for all audiences (vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, crudiveganos, etc).

Detox Juice

  • A bud of romaine lettuce.
  • A handful of raw spinach.
  • An apple.
  • A pear.
  • A banana.
  • Three celery stems.
  • The juice of half a lemon.
  • A glass of water.

All this well liquefied, in addition to slimming serves us to have a more beautiful hair, stronger nails and radiant skin.

Energy Shake

  • A glass of coconut milk.
  • A glass of coconut water.
  • A teaspoon of Açai powder (the açai is the fruit of a palm tree of South American origin).
  • A tablespoon of Goji Berries.
  • A tablespoon of spirulina algae.
  • A tablespoon of cocoa powder.
  • A tablespoon of maca root powder.
  • A tablespoon of chia seeds.
  • Half a tablespoon of rice protein powder.

This smoothie recharges us with energy and antioxidants with a minimum caloric intake and keeps us satiated. It is ideal for breakfast, to start the day with energy and arrive satiated until lunchtime.

Supergreen Juice

  • A quarter of kale.
  • 4 celery stems.
  • A pear.
  • A piece of ginger.
  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • water.

It is a version popularized by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a juice full of health that makes us purify the body, lose weight and keep us active, with a delicious taste thanks to the touch of ginger.

Juice Complet

  • Three apples.
  • A banana.
  • Three celery stems.
  • A quarter of kale.
  • A tablespoon of flax seeds.
  • A tablespoon of spirulina algae.
  • A glass of water.

A juice full of energy and a delicious taste ideal for breakfast or as a snack. A very good option to maintain the line and an optimal state of health.

Juice Power

  • 3 carrots
  • A beetroot
  • A piece of Ginger
  • 5 oranges.

A juice with an appetizing color to 100%, orange and purple, which recharges us with energy and is delicious. It is ideal for taking between hours, and very suitable for those people who do not like green very much.

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