Does coffee gain weight? Everything you need to know

Drinking coffee fattens?

There are many controversies about whether or not coffee should be included in the diet when what we intend is to lose weight. So if you are a coffee lover and you intend to lose weight, we recommend that you continue reading so that you can dispel all your doubts about this drink that is widespread worldwide.

Coffee only provides a negligible amount of calories,coffee is basically composed of carbohydrates (70%) and protein (28%), as well as a minimal amount of fat (2%).

The caloric intake of coffee is too little significant to be able to say that coffee can favor weight gain, however, if coffee is added sugar, milk alcohol or chocolate, things change.

As an example a cup of coffee can contain 4 calories, but if we add sugar, each teaspoon we add can contain about 20 calories. That’s when the caloric intake changes. To do this, we recommend not adding sugar but stevia to sweeten our coffee without providing calories. (Inthe link we offer you all the information about this sweetener).

What do studies say about coffee?

Recently a study conducted at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Birmingham concluded that caffeine intake aided the assimilation into the human body of carbohydrates.

This study determined that when athletes drank a glucose drink (rich in carbohydrates) and combined with caffeine, the amount of absorption of carbohydrates increased.

It is true that this study was not to investigate whether coffee could influence weight gain but whether caffeine helped athletes increase their performance.

Although today there are still many controversies, based on previous study, it seems that caffeine is a great advantage for athletes (you can see here a post that deals with caffeine as a sports supplement to improve performance),both for active exercise and for the recovery of effort itself, since caffeine helps to fill glycogen deposits through the best absorption of carbohydrates.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant of the Central Nervous System, it is actually a legal psychoactive drug (a crystalline alkaloid) that produces a temporary alert effect combating tiredness and drowsiness, precisely because of this stimulating effect also accelerates metabolism,which facilitates the chemical reactions that occur in our body favoring the combustion of fats and therefore helping to lose weight. The caffeine was originally extracted from a shrub or plant native to Ethiopia (Coffea Arabica). In fact this substance is also present in many other plants such as tea, guarana or yerba mate.

Coffee for Weight Loss: Properties

According to the properties of coffee, due to its high caffeine content we can say that it stimulates lipolysis,that is, the destruction of fatty or adipose tissue.

It also increases the production of free fatty acids and is a controller of natural appetite. In fact, there are a lot of people who go long hours without eating anything; based on a coffee or a latte.

So much so, that they have developed the coffee diet to lose weight, which helps to reduce the absorption of fats if we ingest coffee beans before major meals.

Among the properties that would help us lose weight with the consumption of coffee we can highlight the following:

  • Coffee is a powerful natural diuretic.
  • It accelerates the metabolism, which produces a greater combustion of calories thus causing them to accumulate to a lesser degree in the body in the form of fat.
  • It is stimulating, so it facilitates digestions.
  • It has a natural laxative action.

Does coffee retain liquids?

It is not that coffee directly retains liquids, but that as coffee acts as a natural diuretic that favors the elimination of liquids, but can lead to a water imbalance produced well because the blood vessels that deal with the transport of water pour too much water and it remains retained in the body tissue; or because the blood vessels are not able to return water retained in the body tissue.

In addition, as it is already known, it is a powerful natural laxative (see here 15 natural laxative foods)that helps us to have faster digestions and therefore that less toxins accumulate in the body, thus favoring the correct elimination of liquids.

If you still do not know, the fact that produces constipation is a fluid retention accumulated by the difficulty to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body.

Does decaffeinated coffee fatten? Does latte fatten?

Decaffeinated coffee is not that fattens more than normal, but the slimming properties that coffee has are found in caffeine so we can say, that decaffeinated coffee does not give us to the same degree the slimming benefits that we have described above; although as you should already know, decaffeinated coffee has traces of caffeine, it is not totally decaffeinated so it will help us to lose weight,although to a lesser degree than normal coffee; but it does not gain more or much less.

The caloric intake is exactly the same.

As we mentioned earlier, coffee only gives us about 4 calories per cup, depending on its purity and the type of coffee.

But, if we add milk we would increase its caloric intake considerably so this type of additive would not be facilitating weight loss and we should adopt several guidelines to encourage such loss, such as adding skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Adding skimmed milk,we would only add about 35 calories to our coffee.

Coffee contraindications

Remember not to drink coffee if :

  • You have high blood pressure.
  • In cases of arrhythmia.
  • You have liver problems.
  • You suffer from recurrent heartburn.

Green coffee for weight loss

In addition, lately it has become fashionable to take a supplement for weight loss based on green coffee extract if you do not already know it, you can inform yourself below in the link that we leave you.

Do you want to know why green coffee helps you lose weight?

According to several studies the green coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid that is responsible for reducing or preventing the absorption of carbohydrates in our digestive system.

Well, this green bean is an unasticed bean,because the roasted coffee bean loses much of the active ingredient of this chlorogenic acid that is the one that prevents the absorption of carbohydrates in the body and therefore favors weight loss.

For all this, due to some published studies that have concluded that taking green coffee supplements is equivalent to eating a diet poor in carbohydrates and therefore to lose weight, which has made it fashionable to supplement green coffee in diets to lose weight.

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