How to Exercise and Eat to Lose Weight Healthy

If you have dieted many times so far, you may be creating a constitution that is difficult to lose weight in the way you diet, if you are a “year-long dieter” who is repeating rebounds.

In order to lose weight healthy, it is important to set appropriate goals and review three things: exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Let’s grasp the knack of making these three habits firmly and make it the last diet of life!


What does it mean to lose weight healthy?

When it is said, “Slimming” is simply aiming to lose weight, but a healthy diet is to create a body that is smooth in metabolism and less tired by dropping excess fat as well as weight and gaining moderate muscles.

In order to achieve this, it is important to review three factors: diet control, exercise, and correct lifestyle.

Benefits of a healthy diet

By conducting a healthy diet by controlling your diet, exercising, and reviewing your lifestyle, you can expect to create a smooth body of metabolism.

In addition, by eating well while adding a certain amount of exercise, you can reduce the stress of not being able to eat, and there is an advantage that it is easy to continue.


Goal setting

First of all, how long do you want to be? Let’s set a goal of weight and body fat percentage without unreasonable. From your goal, you can determine how much exercise and diet control you should have then you currently have.

Use the calculations below to calculate the daily reduction target calories. Let’s reduce this reduction target calories by exercise and diet.

7,000 kcal (energy required to lose 1 kg of body weight) × the weight you want to lose (kg) ÷ number of days of weight loss (days) = daily reduction target calories.


Example of a person who wants to drop 3 kg in 3 months

7,000 (kcal/kg) ×3kg÷90 days = 240kcal/day
One of the guidelines is that if you continue to increase the calories burned by exercise or reduce the intake calories of your diet for 3 months, you will be possible to clear your target weight.

It’s not just calorie control, but let’s use it as a guide to how much exercise you’re working on and how much you should eat.


Exercise Edition

Exercise includes aerobic exercises such as walking and running, and an oxygen-free exercise that uses muscles instantaneously, such as muscle training. In order to lose weight efficiently, it is important to combine these two exercises instead of one or the other. Learn why it’s important and how to combine it.


Fat burning with aerobic exercise

Body fat is mainly used as an energy source in the body when exercising for a long time with low intensity, such as walking or running. Therefore, aerobic exercise is called “fat burning exercise”.

This aerobic exercise consumes energy even for a short time, but since body fat is started as an energy source after 20 minutes after it starts, it can be expected to decrease body fat more by performing it for more than 20 minutes.


Oxygen-free exercise boosts basal metabolism

Oxygen-free exercises such as weight training have a low ratio of fat burning during exercise, such as aerobic exercise, but muscles called fast muscles are trained. Training this fast muscle, it can be expected to improve basal metabolism (energy metabolism at rest).

In other words, if this muscle is trained, the calories burned will increase even if you live the same life as before, and you will be able to make a body that is easy to lose weight.
It is also said that oxygen-free exercise makes it easier to secrete hormones that promote lipolysis, such as adrenaline and growth hormone, which encourages fat burning in subsequent activities.

Therefore, in order to reduce body fat→ combination in the order of oxygen exercises such as muscle training and walking is good.


How to combine aerobic exercise and an oxygen-free exercise and its calories burned

So how exactly should aerobic and anexia be combined? First, strength training is performed under a load that is suitable for you, followed by light walking and running, swimming (underwater walking, etc.), and aerobic exercise such as motorcycles.

At this time, if the harder you try, the more fat you may burn, the more you breathe, the more strong you should refrain from increasing. Instead, it may become oxygen-free and make it difficult for fat to burn.

Fat increases the burn rate in medium-intensity exercise, which feels “somey tight”. If you continue for about 10 minutes, it is a good rule to be sweaty.


Combination example

  1. stretch… 10
    mins 2.3mets×55kg× 10/60 mins×1.05=22.1kcal
  2. Strength training … 30 minutes (real 15
    minutes) 6mets×55kg×15/60 mins×1.05=86.6kcal
  3. Light walking … 30
    mins 3mets×55kg× 30/60 min×1.05=86.6kcal
  4. stretch… 10
    mins 2.3mets×55kg× 10/60 mins×1.05=22.1kcal

The calories burned at this time are about 217 kcal. (Calculated for 55kg and women)

Let’s start with strength and time without unreasonable.


Meal Edition

In order to lose weight healthy, it is important not to reduce something to the extreme, but to eat properly and well balanced and get the nutrition you need.


Proper calorie control

Weight increases or decreases by balancing calories burned and calories ingested. If you can’t exercise every day or if it’s difficult just to exercise, you should also control the calories in your diet. In parallel, you can expect to proceed with a diet without stress.
For tips on calorie reduction, please refer to the following.

  • Avoid frying
  • reduce the amount of rice by a quarter of the usual amount
  • Drink less when you drink.
  • Turn beer off calories
  • Change dressing and mayonnaise to non-calorie
  • Get between meals to 100kcal
  • Make it conscious to see calorie display, etc.

Protein firmly improves basal metabolism

The amino acids that makeup proteins are one of the nutrients you always need when you turn what you eat into energy. If this is insufficient, the cycle of energy metabolism is difficult to turn smoothly, and even if calories have refrained, it is easy to accumulate as fat.

In addition, no matter how much you exercise, if you do not have proteins that are the material of your muscles, the efficiency of training will also be poor.

Protein is found in meat, seafood, soybeans and soybean products, eggs, dairy products, etc. Be aware that you eat more than one meal each meal contains protein.

And some protein-rich foods contain a lot of fat. Be careful of fatty meat and fish. In addition, it is good to avoid stir-frying that uses a lot of oil such as fried food and Chinese food in terms of cooking methods.


Vitamin and mineral intake

Vitamins and minerals are also some of the nutrients that you want to take with protein. Like proteins, these also play an important role in energy metabolism, and if there is a shortage, metabolism becomes smooth and easy to turn around. It is also necessary to build muscle from proteins.

It is contained in vegetables, fruits, seaweed, etc., so make it so that you do not run out of food every meal. In addition, B vitamins that are deeply related to metabolism are found in pork, eel, etc.


Be aware of the order in which you eat

It has also been found that being aware of the order in which you eat and slowing down the speed at which blood sugar levels rise prevents the accumulation of body fat. This is by reducing the amount of insulin secreted by elevated blood sugar levels. This is because insulin promotes the synthesis of excess glucose in the body into such as middle fats.

If you → vegetables, meat, fish, →, etc., in such order as rice, you can expect to moderate the rise in blood sugar levels.

However, potatoes, carrots, corn, pumpkins, etc. contain a lot of carbohydrates, so be careful not to take too much.

In addition, eating foods with a lot of dietary fiber can also be expected to suppress the rise in blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to eat mushrooms, seaweed, etc. first in addition to vegetables.
If you eat millet rice or brown rice instead of white rice, it will be a way of eating that does not change energy but is difficult to accumulate fat.


Drink non-caloric carbonated water instead of water and tea

Drinking carbonated water that is easy to swell your stomach instead of water and tea to outstrip hunger is a device to suppress appetite at the time of weight loss. Among them, if you try to drink by choosing one that contains minerals, it is recommended that you can also take minerals that are likely to be insufficient.

A recommended menu for people who are losing weight

  • Pickled pork hille with salted koji
  • Komatsuna and Mushrooms
  • Miso soup with plenty of root vegetables
  • Amount of brown rice (even rice with 7 portions) 8th minute
  • Pork hille meat is low in fat and rich in B vitamins, a protein essential for energy metabolism.

Ohiji and miso soup can suppress the rise in blood sugar levels using ingredients full of dietary fiber. In addition, in order to take the vitamins and minerals necessary for one meal, try to take a full amount of vegetables in both hands.

Rice is made into brown rice rich in B vitamins and dietary fiber. If you are not good at brown rice, we recommend rice with seven parts.


NG Lifestyle Edition

In order to lose weight healthy, you need to be careful not only about diet and exercise but also about lifestyle. It may be causing the constitution that it is difficult to lose weight that has become a habit somehow.


Drinking too much

You can drink alcohol like water, but alcohol also has energy. If you drink too much, you will consume too much energy with alcohol instead of snacks.

In addition, liver function is an organ that is deeply involved not only in alcohol treatment, but also in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. If liver function decreases, it may also cause loss of metabolism and loss of metabolism.


I’m always sleeping on holidays.

Let’s also review how to spend the holidays. On weekdays, there may be many people who have a good number of steps for commuting or commuting to school. However, if you don’t go out or exercise somewhere on holiday, you won’t be available for exercise. Be conscious of moving your body.


Fast eating

Have you ever been aware of the time you eat? Are you habitually eating fast? It is said that there is a relationship between eating speed and BMI (obesity index).*

It takes about 20 minutes for blood sugar to rise after starting a meal, and after 20 to 30 minutes from the start of the meal, the signal finally enters the filling center, and appetite suppress hormone (leptin) also begins to work.

In other words, if you finish your meal within 20 minutes, you are likely to have eaten too much inevitably.

I want to be conscious of chewing and eating well so that I don’t eat fast. For that reason, try devising ways such as consciously boiling ingredients and choosing millet and brown rice.


Sleep time

The daily sleep time is actually related to dieting. It is busy and tends to be slow, and those who are careful. If you are reversing day and night for work, it is also important not to break the constant rhythm of time to get up and time to sleep.


Lose weight healthier and more efficiently

To lose weight healthy starts with living a healthy life. Set unreasonable weight loss goals and find diet, exercise, and living habits to clear them. First of all, try to do what you think is realistic.

The trick to continuing is to remain conscious. For that reason, try to work in an unreasonable way, not an extreme diet.


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