How to Lose 10 Kilos in a Month?

Since you are here the first thing you should know is that miracles do not exist. But if you work hard and discipline both in the nutritional aspect and in the sports and, above all, by the hand of qualified advisors in both areas. This article will not seem to you absurd nonsense.

Having as main objective to improve health, since we know the endless ailments caused by obesity. We present on this occasion a diet to lose 10 kilos in a month, without expecting side effects.


Examples of diets to lose 10 kilos in a month

There are several types of diets that would achieve the desired goal of losing 10 kilos in a month. But they are always very questioned because of the side effects they bring. Since later on apart from facing possible rebound effects, several diseases related to malnutrition can arise.

Examples include diets that focus on a single food group. Such as hyper protein diets, which opt only for protein, such as the Atkins and Dukan diets; or vegetarians and vegans. Who completely avoid animal products.

In addition to these diets, in recent years the CICO diet has become fashionable which implies an energy balance between the calories that enter the body and those that leave it. The north of this diet is to burn more calories than are consumed daily.

Delving into this diet we must understand that there are very few food restrictions, as long as the calorie plan designed for each day is met.

Now, once the reduction of calorie intake is achieved. We also need a plus, something more to achieve the goal and this is to get our body to take fat deposits by surprise. For this, it is recommended to accelerate the metabolism. This is achieved by planning an exercise plan according to our capabilities.

Regarding metabolism, there are specialists who also talk about thermogenic foods. They raise the temperature of the body facilitating the burning of body fat. Therefore, we can drink coffee and green tea as supplements of this type.


Tips for following the diet

The first tip should be in terms of food, make it rich and varied, so as not to get bored too soon. For this, we will elaborate a list of fruits and vegetables that can not miss in any rigorous eating plan, for their contribution in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, as well as for their low caloric content.

It is preponderant to ingest at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body properly hydrated.

It is also necessary to avoid desserts and drinks that we know do not benefit us, for example, soft drinks, cakes, and biscuits, as well as processed foods high in saturated fats. The calorie level is usually too high to eliminate later.

Let’s also avoid fast food and pay attention to product labels when shopping. Let us move away from those containing sweeteners, fats, sodium, or sugars and opt for fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Let’s make the art of cooking a habit and every time we can use less oil. Let’s also try to make it extra virgin olive, to benefit from its compounds. Second, on the list could be sunflower oil.

Another tip would be to take care of the presentation of the dishes, making them more attractive to the eye. In addition to adapting the portions according to the size of the dish.

It is also important to design weekly menus and stick them on the door of the fridge, to prevent us from developing anxiety and buying products at the last minute that do not include foods favorable to our diet.

One last piece of advice would be not to reprimand ourselves if we have relapses, but to return to the initial plans soon. Because we must remember that our goal has to do above all with improving health in general.


Success and secrets of the Reddit user

Recently a user of the well-known social platform Reddit surprised not a few with the news of having fulfilled her goal, which was to lose more than 10 kilos in just three weeks with the CICO diet. According to the website, the star of the story is DaxieJ, a 30-year-old woman weighing 75 kilograms at the start of the experiment.

Part of her success was due to her concentrating on counting calories and consuming far less than she spent on a daily basis. Their breakfasts were based on 350 calories, lunches on 300 calories, and dinners on up to 600 calories, for a total daily intake of 1250 calories.

Although he kept many of the menus he knew, his secret was to replace some high-calorie foods with others with low caloric levels.

He further stated that when he opted for questionable dishes in other diets, such as pasta or pizzas, his idea was to significantly reduce the size of the portions, adjusting them to the maximum daily calories.

Already with a weight close to 61 kilograms, she guides in this social network to others who, like her, have the question of losing so many kilos in such a short time.

Through examples and testimonies we saw that a diet can work to lose 10 kilos without harmful effects, but following ordered and properly planned guidelines that allow us to reduce the number of calories we consume daily. It will also be beneficial to speed up the process of eliminating fats through physical exercise.

Finally, we must remember that to start this company of losing 10 kilos in less than a month we deserve to receive both nutritional and sports advice, to adjust the diet according to our capabilities and that no health problems are generated.

Basically, it does not matter so much how long we get out of overweight, what is significant is the improvement in the quality of life that it will bring us, and if we take care of our body it will work better.

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