How to lose 20 kg in a month?

To lose weight by 20 kg per month, you need to radically change your diet, as well as exercise, which will give you the opportunity not to gain weight again. Twenty kilograms is an impressive figure, especially if such weight is planned to be lost in just a month. In order not to harm your own health, it is necessary to have willpower, discipline, and approach the diet as responsibly as possible.

To lose weight properly, you need to remove excess water, glycogen, and fat from the body. If you do not follow the rules of healthy weight loss, the weight will go away due to the burning of muscle mass. And muscles burn much easier than fat deposits, and they weigh more than fat cells. The process of fat burning is called lipolysis.

To run it to its fullest, you must follow the following rules:

  • The deficiency of kilocalories should not be too large, but reducing the calorie content of food can not be done.
  • Sports and cardio are obligatory. Muscles should be loaded, this will start to expend energy.
  • During the diet, you need to eat right and just relax.

The main mistakes made by people who want to lose weight:

  • If you significantly reduce the daily calorie content, the metabolism will slow down, which means that the process of weight loss will not occur as intensively as we would like.
  • Excessive physical activity leads to excess cortisol production and water accumulation, as a result, the weight will increase or rise.
  • If you do not sleep enough, the body will produce a stress hormone that prevents lipolysis. A person breaks off the diet, the final result can not be achieved.

Recommendations for weight loss of 20 kg per month

Here are some of the guidelines:

  • You need to drink a lot of water – 2 cups for 15-30 minutes before each meal. And the same amount in 2 hours after the meal.
  • Sauces and oils cannot be added to dishes.
  • Vegetables are cooked not in broth, but in regular water.
  • Sugar and milk cannot be added to tea.
  • If you want to eat, you can satisfy hunger with cucumbers, salad, carrots.
  • During the diet should be engaged in sports. You need to study and eat according to the established regime.
  • You should get up on the scales in the morning, after visiting the restroom.

The principle of a 20 kg diet per month

All 4 weeks are divided into short-term cycles in each of which is 4 days. In this case, the menu of each day of the cycle is based on a certain type of product. For example, on the first day a person cuts the daily calorie to the minimum values, on the second day there are only vegetables, on the third day only protein dishes, the fourth day will be mixed.

Diet menu for weight loss for 20 kg per month

The first day – hungry:

  • Throughout the day, they drink only milk with a minimum percentage of fat – 1 liter for the whole day.
  • At dinner, it is allowed to eat 100 grams of black bread and drink a glass of tomato juice.

The second day – protein:

  • Morning: 100g black bread, 20g butter, a spoonful of honey, and coffee with milk, but no sugar.
  • Day: ham – 100 g, broth, black bread – 100 g, Dutch cheese – 100 g.
  • Evening: 2 boiled eggs.

The third day – vegetable:

  • Morning: two apples or two oranges.
  • Day: vegetable soup with vegetable oil.
  • Evening: salad with 2 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes, a glass of tea, a spoonful of honey.

The fourth day is mixed:

  • Morning: Dutch cheese – 100 g, coffee with milk.
  • Day: ham and black bread – 100 g, 2 boiled eggs.
  • Evening: kefir.

On the 5th, 6th, and 7th day the menu should be repeated: protein day, vegetable day, and mixed day.

Permitted and prohibited products

Foods may have low-calorie content, but there should be enough protein in them. The same applies to vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.

Therefore, the list of permitted products includes:

  • Broccoli.
  • Sour apples.
  • The cabbage is white 1.
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Vegetables leafy: salads, parsley, spinach, arugula, dill, basil.
  • bean.
  • Buckwheat and rice.
  • Chicken and chicken eggs.
  • Fish sea.
  • Curd and milk with a low percentage of fat.
  • Green tea.

Foods high in fat or foods that are sources of fast carbohydrates should not be on the menu.

Therefore, the diet should exclude:

  • Salt and sugar.
  • Fatty meats: pork, beef, duck, and goose.
  • River fish.
  • Fatty dairy products.
  • Fats in pure form: lard, butter, smelt.
  • Green peas.
  • potato.
  • Fruits and berries with a high sugar content.
  • Bakery, pastries.
  • All sweets: halva, marmalade, cookies, etc.
  • soda water.
  • Tea, cocoa and strong brew coffee.

Pinning the result

To keep the weight from returning, you should stick to the following results:

  • After the diet should not overeat. You need to eat in small portions, adhering to a balanced menu. It won’t let the stomach stretch again.
  • Compliance with the principle of fractional nutrition. You need to eat often, but in small volumes. The most caloric foods should be eaten in the morning. You need to eat fruits, vegetables, chicken fillet, kefir. You have to give up food before going to bed.
  • Taste supplements should be absent from the menu. If salt and sugar cannot be completely discarded, their amount should be minimized. You need to accustom yourself to eat foods in its purest form. Sugar is good to replace with honey, but no more than a teaspoon per cup of tea.
  • Potatoes should be removed from the diet. It can only be included in dishes made up of other products. In its purest form, potatoes promote weight gain and also increase the risk of diabetes.
  • Following the principle of separate nutrition. This means that carbohydrate foods are not recommended to combine with animal proteins, but meat goes well with vegetables. This allows the body to digest food faster, without delaying it about the stock.
  • Fatty and fried dishes should be removed from the menu. They not only contribute to the fat mass, but also harmful to health in general. Products can be stewed, steamed, boiled.
  • Be sure to arrange unloading days. Once a week is enough not to gain excess weight. It is good to practice kefir and apple unloading days.
  • Flour products should be removed from the menu. Bread is replaced with breads, or whole grain flour products. Bran and oatmeal should be on the menu.
  • Water a day to drink at least 2 liters. You can never drink food.

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