lose weight and belly
How to lose weight and lose your belly

How to lose weight and lose your belly 6 infallible tips!

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Eat slowly and savor your food

Eating slowly allows when the stomach is almost full, it sends a signal to the brain indicating that you have already received enough food and that you no longer need to continue eating.

However, people who have the habit of eating fast, their brain does not perceive this signal of satiety, causing the person to eat in greater quantities, in addition, this also reduces the time of contact with food and the pleasure of making better use of it. See in more detail the consequences of eating fast.

Respecting satiety is one of the main points to lose weight and avoid weight gain. Satisfying the stomach with foods rich in nutrients and fibers such as vegetables, fruits, white meat and good fats, makes the metabolism work better and prevents the feeling of hunger for longer.

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