lose weight and belly
How to lose weight and lose your belly

How to lose weight and lose your belly 6 infallible tips!

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Do physical activity

physical activity

The type of exercise is not the most important thing, but if you take advantage of all the opportunities to burn calories whenever possible, it is of the utmost importance that you practice an activity at least 3 times a week. Doing some daily activities can make a difference, try the following activities:

  • Climbing stairs instead of the elevator;
  • Get off one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the way;
  • Go out for a 10-minute walk after lunch. See a walking weight loss workout routine ;
  • Take the dog for a walk at night.

To increase your energy expenditure, try walking for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week, as this is one of the best physical exercises for weight loss, but also do some resistance exercises to complement your training.

Get to know some exercises that are easy to do in a few minutes and that help to flatten your abdomen.

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