lose weight and belly
How to lose weight and lose your belly

How to lose weight and lose your belly 6 infallible tips!

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Do not stay hungry

Eating small meals every 3 hours may seem exaggerated, but it is true that hunger does not appear. In this way dividing the portions of food help to reduce weight. Follow the tips below:

  • Put reminders on the cell phone or in the agenda advising that it is time to eat;
  • Always keep nuts in your purse or backpack, natural fruits that are easy snacks to make on the street;
  • The best snacks are fruits, yogurts, carrot sticks, cucumber with avocado crushed and seasoned with salt and pepper, tomato in large cubes with a pinch of salt and olive oil, a boiled egg, and nuts.

If a meal isn’t possible throughout the day, just focus on maintaining the quality of the next meal and use these little snacks if you’re hungry. Little by little it is possible to understand that most of the time it is not about hunger but anxiety.

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