lose weight and belly
How to lose weight and lose your belly

How to lose weight and lose your belly 6 infallible tips!

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Write down everything you eat

Writing down everything you eat throughout the day is also a good strategy to lose weight, since in this way the person becomes more aware of what they eat and, in this way, they can identify mistakes and where to improve, being able to alter their habits food to lose weight, in case this is the purpose, and have a healthier life.

It is recommended that the registration be done every day and after each meal, as it is easier to remember what was consumed. In the food diary it is important to indicate if it is breakfast, lunch, lunch, lunch or dinner, the time of the meal, the food consumed and the amount, the place where you ate and what you were doing at the time.

In addition, it must be recorded if he had company and how he felt at that time. This record should be done for 3 to 7 days, since in this way it will be possible to have a better idea of ​​what the eating habits are.

After registration, it is important to discuss all food choices together with the nutritionist, since in this way it is possible to identify errors and establish strategies to achieve the desired goal.

In addition, the nutritionist will indicate the best foods so that the person does not have nutritional deficiencies and can lose weight in a healthy way.

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