Coffee Good for Weight Loss! 4 Benefits of Black Coffee and How to Drink

When and how do you drink coffee and for what? Is coffee good for weight loss?

Some people don’t drink because caffeine is too effective and their eyes are glaring all day long, while others may feel uncomfortable without coffee.

In general, it has been said that drinking coffee in “black” has various effects on diet and health promotion. So what kind of effect is that?

There seems to be an effective way to drink and the amount, and it seems that drinking too much may adversely affect your health and diet. I want to know the correct way of drinking and intake and effectively incorporate it into my daily life.

Let’s roughly divide into two points, “diet, beauty” and “health”, and look at the advantages and disadvantages of black coffee.

Coffee ingredients and advantages / disadvantages

The function of caffeine that burns fat

Caffeine contained in coffee is said to have the function of accelerating the breakdown of fat and increasing energy consumption.

When caffeine enters the body, it stimulates the sympathetic nerve, which is an autonomic nerve, improves blood flow, and activates metabolism. As a result, free fatty acids, which are the driving force of fat burning, increase, making it easier to burn fat.

I hear that many people who frequently do muscle training drink coffee before and after training, referring to this theory.

Actually, I think there are individual differences, but it may be helpful for those people to actually try it.

Recently, decaffeinated coffee without decaffeination has been released. You may enjoy the aroma and taste before going to bed, but it seems unsuitable when you want to get the effect of caffeine.

Health benefits of chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is a type of polyphenol that has a strong antioxidant effect in coffee, and like caffeine, it has the function of suppressing fat accumulation. It contains more than caffeine and is sometimes called coffee polyphenol, and it is said that this chlorogenic acid plays an important role in the aroma and taste of coffee.

The aroma of coffee has the effect of relieving stress and relaxing. If you have a headache or feel heavy, drink fragrant coffee.

Also has the effect of preventing skin spots

This is not well known, but coffee also has a stain-preventing effect on the skin. The stain, which is a problem for women, is caused by a pigment component called melanin. Chlorogenic acid is said to have the effect of suppressing the cause.

I think that the actual effect is naturally related to individual differences, but I’m glad if it is effective.

For a body that is easy to lose weight

Coffee is a diet ally. Lipase contained in caffeine has the function of activating lipolytic enzymes, and chlorogenic acid has the function of promoting the decomposition of fat.

In addition, caffeine raises blood sugar levels, which suppresses appetite. However, let’s stop the life of drinking coffee and not catching food.

The correct way to do a “coffee diet” is to eat coffee 30 minutes before meals, which will reduce your appetite at meal times and give you a feeling of fullness with a small amount instead of “I want to eat but diet …”. It will be like.

It’s a perfect drink for dieting.

Disadvantages of Coffee ingredients

A large amount of caffeine increases stress

In this way, “black coffee” can be expected to have various beauty effects, but if you take too much, it may have the opposite effect.

Ingesting large amounts of caffeine can increase stress hormones and increase blood pressure and heart rate, so the brain wants sugar to store energy, resulting in unintentional muscle breakdown. I will end up.

Since the hormones that promote fat burning are also reduced, fat becomes harder to burn and accumulates, making it easier to gain weight.

Before going to bed, your eyes will be clear, leading to lack of sleep

Coffee also has a refreshing effect, but if you drink it at night, you may wake up and find it difficult to fall asleep. It is said that lack of sleep is also a cause of fatness because the hormones that suppress appetite decrease and the hormones that promote appetite increase due to lack of sleep.

People who like coffee and consume many cups a day seem to need to control their intake. So what exactly is the right amount? Next, I will explain how to drink effectively, how much to drink, and when to drink.

What is the effective way to drink, how much and when to drink?

Timing of drinking: After meals / exercise / before bathing, the diet effect is high

If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, stomach acid is easily secreted, so you should avoid it. However, after-meal coffee is said to be easier to lose weight because caffeine promotes gastrointestinal motility, which improves digestion and metabolism.

You can also increase the fat burning effect by drinking 20 to 30 minutes before starting a bath or exercise.

How to drink: Morning roast and drip coffee are recommended

Also, even with the same black coffee, drip coffee contains more caffeine and chlorogenic acid than instant coffee, and since chlorogen is sensitive to heat, coffee beans are also lightly roasted rather than deep roasted. It seems that the content is higher.

The appropriate amount to drink is 3 to 4 glasses (about 400g) a day. The effect of caffeine is said to be 2 to 3 hours, so it seems better to take it in small portions instead of taking it all at once. Also, adding sugar interferes with the action of caffeine, so it’s best not to add sugar or just a small amount.

What are the health benefits of black coffee?

Black coffee is attracting attention because it can be expected to have a fat burning effect, but it is said to have excellent health and disease prevention effects.

Here, I would like to post a story that will be one of the bean knowledge.

Reducing the risk of various diseases

It is said that consuming a few cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of various diseases that spread to the body. As with all things, it’s okay to drink the right amount, but avoid excessive coffee consumption as it can be harmful to your body.

To give a daily example, the headache that occurs during a hangover after drinking too much is mainly caused by a substance called acetaldehyde, but caffeine drives this substance out of the body and circulates blood in the brain. It is said to have the effect of promoting.

I think everyone has had the experience of drinking too much alcohol and having a hangover even though they have a job. In such a case, you may want to try drinking coffee.

It is also said that the scent of coffee activates alpha waves in the brain and has a relaxing effect, which promotes stress relief.

If you should refrain from coffee

From a health perspective, there are still disadvantages to coffee inoculation. For example, people with anemia should refrain from taking iron because iron in the body flows out and tannins combine with iron to dissolve it. Chlorogenic acid also has the property of easily binding to iron, so people with anemia should refrain from doing so.

Drinking coffee makes you want to go to the bathroom. It seems that the diuretic effect of coffee can lead to dehydration and calcium deficiency. After all, although black coffee is good for health and beauty, excessive intake is counterproductive.


Did you understand the beauty and diet health benefits of black coffee?

Whether you drink it on a daily basis or not, you might have a glimpse of a side of coffee you didn’t know before.

Coffee has been drunk by humans for a long time, but in any case, instead of taking a lot of coffee a day because it is good for diet and health, take an appropriate amount considering the timing of drinking and your physical condition on that day. That seems to be the most effective.

Especially for those who love coffee with the expectation of a diet effect, if you pay attention to how you drink it, you may be able to make a burning body more effectively.

If you have a habit of drinking coffee regularly, try changing the timing of drinking a little, and if you haven’t had a habit of drinking coffee so far, why not take this opportunity to incorporate a little coffee into your life?

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