Pregnancy Diets for Weight Loss

Any woman wants to look beautiful and attractive at any time in her life. Pregnancy is no exception, and most expectant mothers try to control their weight and fight in time with excess pounds. However, this is much more difficult than in the normal period of life, as physical activity for a woman in a position is most often contraindicated, and it is necessary to eat in a balanced and sufficient quantity. However, all this is not a verdict. Diets in pregnancy for weight loss exist, and this is what will be discussed in the article.

Which diets in pregnancy for weight loss are strictly contraindicated

Currently, you can find a lot of diet options on the web, which, if strictly adhered to, give excellent results. However, pregnant women first of all need to think about their health and about the future baby. Some diets during pregnancy for weight loss are categorically contraindicated. Among them:

All kinds of monodiet

Often for weight loss is suggested for a certain period of time to use only one product, for example, buckwheat. For pregnant women, at any time this option is categorically contraindicated, as the embryo will not receive all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Synthetic vitamins will not replace substances contained in foods with a balanced diet;

Maggi’s diet

One of the most popular diets, which, unfortunately, is also contraindicated in pregnancy. Despite the fact that the choice of products here is quite diverse, the Maggi diet can hurt the waiting time of the baby. This is due to the fact that with this type of diet in the diet there are almost no carbohydrates. And they are necessary for the mother’s body for the proper development of the fetus. In addition, many foods included in the Maggi diet may cause allergies;

Protein diets

The absence of pregnant fruits and vegetables on the menu will negatively affect her health and well-being, as well as can provoke the wrong development of the fetus;

Vegetable and fruit diets

Protein food is needed by pregnant women, as it is a protein that participates in the formation of the organs of the unborn child. That is why vegetable and fruit diets during pregnancy for weight loss can be very damaging.

Do not experiment with your health and try on yourself diets, contraindicated during pregnancy. The consequences of such actions can be the saddest.

Pregnancy diets for weight loss: how to eat to lose weight and not to hurt

After reading the list of contraindicated diets, a woman in a position can despair and decide that nothing will help her to get rid of excess weight. However, this is not the case at all. Two diets are great for pregnant women:

Proper nutrition

This is the safest and most healthy diet that suits absolutely everyone. On the Internet, you can find a lot of recipes for each day, as well as clarify what can and can not. You need to eat in small portions, but often. It is also important to observe the drinking regime;

System -60

It differs from proper nutrition by the fact that on this diet for breakfast you can eat absolutely everything. Lunch and dinner are prepared from the menu on the right nutrition. The -60 system is great for those who can’t completely give up “tastes” but want to keep their figure in good shape.

The effect of a pregnancy diet for weight loss is not always well visible. The fact that during this period a woman gains weight because of the growing fetus and the increase in blood volume in the body. However, weight gain on the right diet will not be so impressive.

Any diet in pregnancy for weight loss requires the advice of a specialist. The expectant mother should remember that after the birth of the baby it will be much easier to get rid of extra pounds and get in shape.

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