Walk Your Way To Weight Loss

If you are planning to reduce flab the natural way, head for a walk! Walking promotes weight loss and this schedule is pretty easy to maintain since it costs less and can start once you step outside your door. The extent of weight loss which can be achieved through walking often depends on your metabolism, intake of calories and sort of walking that is practiced. Taking a walk for 10 minutes will not lead to considerable weight reduction, although you can expect to burn some calories by walking for around 30 minutes each day. Walking aids weight loss even if you do not alter your diet plan.

By combining calorie reduction with walks, you can always promote weight loss. While walking individually may generate weight loss, it even affects your calorie combustion to some extent. Adding calories to a diet while walking may not lead to successful weight loss even if you take walks. If you walk at a slow rate, you can burn around 26 calories every 10 minutes. If it is increased to 30 minutes, the number can be increased to 79 calories. It is best to walk briskly for half an hour instead of walking thrice a day for 10 minutes. This is because by spending more time to walks, your heart rate is elevated.

More calories can be burnt with an increased heart rate. Choosing the pace of your walk is important in influencing the amount of weight loss which you will achieve. If you walk at a fast pace, you can burn up to 125 calories within 30 minutes. Walking a mile’s distance within 15 minutes helps you combust 370 calories within an hour. If you walk quickly for a long time, you contribute to greater burning of calories by the body throughout the day. This is why cardiovascular exercises are recommended for patients in order to pump the heart to the hilt. Leading a sedentary lifestyle after a walk makes one burn calories at an increased rate.

According to fitness experts, one should subscribe to a walking program gradually and then take to using a pedometer for measuring the distance and speed covered accurately. In the initial week, it is best to walk for around 30 minutes during the day 5 times a week at any speed which is comfortable for your body. in the following week, you must walk briskly for about a minute each day if you are taking a walk of 30 minutes. The third week should include a couple of minutes of rapid jogging and walking. Gradually, you should create a schedule in the subsequent weeks to up your walking ability.

By increasing your fitness quotient, you should add to your walking time and take it up to walking for an hour 5 days per week. Even if you do not alter your diet, walking regularly leads to weight loss. At a minimum, walking every day will prevent you from accumulating flab and reduce the number of calories consumed. This is made possible by increasing the extent of your physical activity as a result of walking.

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