What is a diet method that really loses weight? Tips for success and how to plan

Successful dieting requires proper goal setting and concrete planning. And based on your goals and plans, you can efficiently lose weight by practicing the right diet methods. With the wrong diet method, you may gain weight or take too long to achieve your goals. This time, I will introduce the correct diet method in detail.

Make unreasonable goals and concrete plans

For the success of a diet, it is essential to have unreasonable goals and concrete plans. If you make mistakes in your goals and plans, you will not be able to lose weight efficiently even if you practice the correct diet method. Let’s take a closer look at diet goals and how to plan


How to set diet goals

First of all, I will introduce it from how to set a diet goal.

Set a diet period and target weight

By when deciding how many kg to lose weight. It is important to decide in the range of about 3 to 6 months because if you set it in a short period of time, you will inevitably greatly reduce the amount of food and increase the amount of exercise. Also, depending on your lifestyle, it may be difficult to diet in a short period of time. If you go home late at night in overtime, you won’t be able to get enough time for exercise. In this way, there are many things to consider when setting a diet period and target weight.

Realistic target weight and body fat percentage

It is important to make your target weight and body fat percentage realistic. For example, if you want to lose 5 kg of weight in a month and reduce your body fat percentage by 8%, it will be difficult to achieve. It is necessary to greatly reduce the number of calories ingested or to increase the amount of exercise extremely.

If you’re working hard, reducing calorie intake has a big impact on your job, so it’s not a realistic goal. Also, those who work overtime late at night will not have enough exercise time. First of all, we recommend that you target a monthly rate of minus 1 kg and a body fat percentage of about 3%. If you can clear lifestyle problems, it is a good idea to set it to minus 3 kg and a body fat percentage of minus 5%.

How to make a diet plan

Once you’ve decided on your target weight and body fat percentage, it’s time to plan for achieving your goals. Here’s how to plan your diet.

Decide on specific dietary methods

Decide how to eat to achieve your goals. It is important to limit it moderately, such as “reduce rice by 20%” and “change snacks to low calories”. If your goal is large, you’ll likely reduce calorie intake a lot, but in the long run, it’s less likely to lose weight or become unwell, so increase your exercise and adjust it.

Decide on specific exercise methods

By combining diet and exercise, you can diet without any effort. If you don’t usually exercise, start with a light exercise such as walking or walking. The point is to choose an exercise method that can continue. Set the amount of exercise you can enjoy and practice without stress.

How to eat to succeed in dieting

How to eat to succeed in dieting
Ssucceed in dieting

So let’s take a look at the right and wrong ways to diet successfully.

How to eat thoroughly to lose weight

In order to lose weight correctly, let’s keep in mind the following ways to eat.

Nutritionally balanced diet

In dieting, there are people who reduce carbohydrates and lipids extremely, but if the nutritional balance is poor, the basal metabolism decreases and it becomes less thin. Basal metabolism is the energy consumed at rest, and maintaining basal metabolism is the secret to a successful diet. Try not to reduce proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc., even if you reduce carbohydrates and lipids a little.

Control of calorie intake

If you burn more calories than you consume, you will eventually lose weight by burning middle fat. Therefore, controlling calorie intake is essential. Be careful not to eat too many high-calorie foods such as rice, bread, and western sweets. If you really want to eat sweets, it is important to choose low-calorie sweets for dieting.

Do not run out of protein

Proteins are nutrients necessary for the formation of muscles, skin, internal organs, etc. When protein is insufficient, muscles drop, and basal metabolism decreases, making it less likely to lose weight. Protein is found in meat, fish, eggs, soybeans, etc., so be conscious. However, it is important to eat red meat because meat with a lot of fat can cause calories to go over.

Devise the order of eating

By devising the order of eating, prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar levels and makes it easier to get fat. First, be careful because eating carbohydrates such as rice and bread causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. At first, eat vegetables and mushrooms that contain dietary fiber, which slows the rise in blood sugar levels. Then eat meat and fish, eggs, and finally rice or bread, which are carbohydrates, containing proteins that take longer to digest and absorb than carbohydrates.

How to eat NG to get fat

Conversely, the following dietary methods can make you fat:

Extremely reduce the amount of food

If you reduce your diet to an extreme, your calorie consumption will be reduced and your next meal will absorb more nutrition than you need. As a result, you lose weight even if you have greatly reduced your diet. If you are trying to lose weight in a short period of time, be careful because it is easy to reduce the amount of food extremely.

Do not bite or eat fast

Chewing enough food stimulates the filling center and causes a feeling of fullness. If you eat fast without chewing well, it is necessary to be careful because it is easy to eat too much because it is less likely to cause a feeling of fullness than those who chew well. It is a good time to eat at least 20 minutes per meal.

Eat while watching smartphone or TV

If you concentrate on things other than eating, such as watching smartphones and TV, you may not notice the signal that comes out when you are full, and you may continue to eat. Be careful of such “eating while eating” because it causes fat.

Creating a body to lose weight efficiently

In order to lose weight efficiently, let’s make exercise and life habits such as:

Moderate aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that is performed while taking in enough oxygen, such as walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, stretching, etc. Because it is suitable for fat burning, it is indispensable when dieting. We may continue a 10-minute walk three times a day or a 30-minute walk once a day.

Strength Training

As muscles increase in strength training, basal metabolism increases and it becomes easier to lose weight. Do squats, push-ups, weight training, and more. It’s important to continue using dumbbells and gym training equipment.

Lifestyle habits that make it easier to lose weight

By making a habit of living like this, you can increase the efficiency of your diet.

Encourage blooding by bathing and massage

When blood circulation is encouraged by bathing or massage, basal metabolism increases and it becomes easier to lose weight. In addition, it can be expected to relieve stress, so you may want to practice it every day while on a diet.

Get a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep is a source of stress. In addition, basal metabolism also decreases, making it less likely to lose weight. For a good night’s sleep, adjust to a comfortable room temperature and humidity, or use lukewarm water.

Use stress relief methods

While on a diet, it’s easy to get stressed, so use stress relief methods. Good sleep and moderate exercise can also help relieve stress. In addition, it is also good to listen to music, karaoke, and communicate with people you can forgive.

Learn the right diet method and lose weight efficiently!

the right diet method and lose weight efficiently
diet method and lose weight efficiently

If you practice the correct diet method, you can lose weight without getting sick or rebounding. If you want to diet without dietary restrictions, consider the “medical diet” that you can take at the clinic.

Medical diet is a treatment method that can be performed without overdoing it using internal medicines, injections, medical equipment, etc. under the control of a doctor.

Instead of restricting diets that put a heavy load on your body, it is recommended to take a medical diet while practicing the correct diet method. You will be able to drop to the target weight in a shorter period of time than you think.

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