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weight loss

What is a good diet for hypothyroidism to lose weight?

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Hypothyroidism involves lifelong hormonal therapy. When choosing a dose, the specialist takes into account the state of the thyroid gland and how many hormones it is able to produce on its own.

Adequate production of hormones by thyroid cells is indirectly influenced by food consumed by a person. Some of them can lower the level of tyrosine and iodine. The smaller the amount of these trace elements entering the body, the fewer hormones iron can produce.

There is a list of foods that can affect thyroid hormone levels:

  • cabbage ;
  • beans;
  • soy;
  • buckwheat;
  • peaches.

This list also includes spinach, peanuts, broccoli, peas, and rutabagas. It is not necessary to completely abandon these products, but it is definitely worth limiting them.


Among the most harmful and not recommended by an endocrinologist diet is protein. It has a depressing effect on the kidneys and intestines, metabolism. High protein intake is potentially dangerous even for a healthy person. The protein menu is especially harmful to autoimmune hypothyroidism. This diet can even provoke an exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland.

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